Selling Your Home? How to Outsmart Your Competition

How to outsmart the competition when it comes to selling your home.

For a while now the housing market has preferred Sellers, but according to the experts who predict what’s going on in our regional markets, that is changing.

The number of building permits issued for single-family homes is the best indicator of how many newly built homes will rise over the next few months. And according to a recent report, the number of building permits issued in June was significantly up again. In Texas, we are blessed with lots of land and seemingly infinite new construction neighborhoods.

North Dallas is growing and we need more homes, we’re happy about that, but how will this impact my existing Sellers?

More new construction inventory means fierce competition for pre-owned homes. Some of the Frisco neighborhoods and sellers that have stunning properties built earlier than 2015 are having a challenge getting showings because the buyers will go across the street to new construction and not even make a pass through pre-owned neighborhoods.

Multiple offers have dwindled significantly – yes, even in the under $500,000 price range. And buyers are taking more time to make up their minds and becoming more challenging through the inspection periods. Sellers, check just a little bit of your home pride at the door.¬† We are going to have to dance a little with buyers that may submit a low “insulting offer” but with skilled negotiation, those offers can turn into acceptable contracts.¬†Appraisals are a battle if your home¬†has¬†achieved a higher than average contract sales price. Make sure your agent knows how to manage this part of the transaction.

You need a plan!

So to outsmart the competitor Рthe other beautiful home for sale across the street and the latest new construction neighborhood Рyou need a plan.   Here is when a seasoned real estate broker who knows and understands the market will be your saving grace!

A smart listing agent will help you navigate through the selling process.¬† You must understand the local comps and “mood” of the market.¬† It is wise to get the home priced right at the starting gate but a lot of sellers choose to test the market first.¬† I get this.¬† I do not want to leave any of your money on the closing table.¬† However, you do have to listen carefully to what the market is telling you within the first few weeks.¬† The market is rude, impartial, and does not care about what you paid for your home or the remodel.¬† Let’s¬†get the best price set for your property by analyzing the facts.¬† Then we will build a marketing program to reach the ideal buyer.¬† We will create energy, excitement and traffic for your home.¬†Outsmarting the competition is being quick on your feet, being able to adjust to what is happening in the market and showing with purpose.

With the Sharon Ketko Group behind you, we will build a plan to stay in front of the competition with strategically scheduled open houses, our magazine, social media campaigns, and our highly regarded north Texas network built over 20 plus years and hundreds of millions of dollars in closed sales.


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