What’s Driving Today’s High Buyer Demand?

There’s an influx of buyers looking for homes today, and that means your house is in high demand. Here are a few reasons why there are so many people looking to buy a home:

Buyers Are Motivated To Beat Rising Mortgage Rates

“…homebuyers this year have remained in the market to take advantage of current rates before they increase further.”

-George Ratiu
 Manager of Economic Reseach, realtor.com

Millennials Are Reaching Peak Homebuying Age

“The strength of the housing market is not surprising given the ongoing wave of millennial demand…”

-Mark Fleming
 Chief Economist, First American 

Buyers Want To Escape Rising Rents

“With rents already at a high and expected to keep going up, rental affordability will increasingly challenge many Americans in 2022. For those thinking about making the transition from renting to buying their first home, rising rents will remain a motivating factor…”

-Danielle Hale
  Chief Economist, Realtor.com

If you are thinking about selling your house, today’s demand is great news. Reach at to Sharon Ketko at 972-841-3110 or email sharon@sharonketko.com to begin the process of listing your home while buyers are ready to purchase.