Is there a strategy for selling a home? You bet there is!

strategy for selling a home from sharon ketko blog

Is there a strategy for selling a home? You bet there is!

I call it showing with a purpose vs that all familiar casual “walk-through”. Have you ever experienced that fast talking agent that convinced you to list your home and then boom! he’s gone after the sign is put in the yard? The biggest task of selling your home becomes trying to reach your agent. You would be surprised at how often this happens and how many times I have listed AND SOLD a home for a client that had previously SAT on the market for months with no activity. It’s not rocket science to understand that in this market and in this city, you need to be proactive as a real estate professional so you can get to the closing table successfully.

Showing a Home

My “Showing with Purpose” is planned and carried out strategically with the end goal to get to the closing table with the least amount of hassles and the happiest of clients. First and foremost is setting up the showing services so potential buyers can see your home. The Buyer’s Agent will call the showing service to set a specific appointment.  I like to insist on only a one-hour showing window if possible.  Professional Real Estate Agents should be able to organize their showings and adhere to a Seller’s request of a one-hour showing window in most cases.  This is a simple courtesy to Sellers that ALL Agents should strive for.  Inconveniencing a Seller for 2 – 3 hours because an Agent cannot make a schedule is unacceptable. 


After the showing, I will follow up on the appointment by making a call to the Buyer’s Agent within 48 hours if the Buyer’s Agent has not already followed up.  Your Listing Agent and their staff should be armed with neighborhood facts, be able to talk with confidence about schools, children in the neighborhood, and the wonderful café within walking distance.  The bottom line of real estate will always be location.  It is impossible to sell any house without also selling the neighborhood.  With a “Showing with Purpose” plan, your home has the opportunity to become more than just one of ten houses the Buyer is being shown that day.

Marketing your property with open houses, strategic social media and web exposure, networking with my extensive list of real estate professionals and my exclusive magazine is just the tip of the iceberg for selling a home. This is the process that creates interest from potential buyers to request an appointment in the first place. Without that appointment, there is no sale.

Presentation of the Home

Another important factor in selling a home is the presentation OF THE HOME (another problem you encounter with the Absentee Agent). You want your home to look and feel as inviting as possible for prospective Buyers.  For a “Showing with Purpose,” you will stage the property  prior to the appointment.  This is your time to shine!  You will turn on the lights, check that the toilet lids are closed, corral the cats and dogs, and even turn on soft music.  When the Buyers arrive, their Agent will be able to comfortably open the door and welcome them to their lovely future home.  I want them to have the feeling that this pristine home has been prepared and is being offered specially to them.

There is much more involved in a “Showing with Purpose” plan in my book “Seven Secrets to Selling Your Home” (order your FREE copy below.) But the point I want to drive home today in this article is that there is an art to selling a home. You want a real estate professional who will be your partner and do the work required to prepare, market and show your home!

I would like to visit with you personally if you are thinking about selling your home. Call me at 972-841-3110.

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