SECRET: Find The Weakest Point In Your Home And Fix It

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Find the weakest point in your home and fix it.

When a negative is left as-is, it can often eclipse and overshadow all the positives of your home. By taking the absolute weakest point of your property and making it into a strong point, you can increase your desirability factor exponentially. Good business people know that hiding a flaw is only a band-aid solution that a savvy Buyer will see right through. Taking the flaw and turning it into a selling point bolsters every other positive within and empowers your home to move up in position on the desirability factor scale. Maybe even accelerate it from #20 to #10.

For example, you invite me over with the intention of listing your home. And, with an unbiased and expert eye, I follow you as you show me around. After going through your entire home, you look to me for feedback. “It’s lovely,” is what I’ll say when I’m tryin to get your listing. However, directly off the entry is the formal dining room, one of the first things potential Buyers will see as they begin the tour. It’s carpeted – no big deal, I can sell around that – except there are noticeable stains from two Thanksgivings ago. Compounding the negative effect of the stained carpet, the room is wallpapered with tiny pink and yellow flowers. In my professional opinion, your dining room is the weakest room in the house.

When Decorating Pays Off

Now I know what you may be thinking: That decorating is subjective, and prospective Buyers will be able to see through your taste in decor if their personal tastes are different. Wrong! A professional Real Estate Agent looks at homes all day, every day, and knows what’s selling. While individuality has its place, mass appeal will net you more. If your Buyer foresees a need for updating or redecorating, they will expect an allowance for it, or simply offer less for your home.

So as delicately as I can, I share with you my ideas. We remove the carpet and install a wood floor; 250 square feet at $8.00 per square foot amounts to $2000. Then, we do a light skip trowel texture to the walls (a dining room is usually only three walls), and we paint the skip trowel with an updated color, costing another $1200.

Total cost: $3200. Elapsed time: eight days. It’s worth it! The finished look is beautiful; in fact, it’s so striking that your dining room is now the new focal point of the home.

If you can take the weakest point and make it the strongest, you will increase your home’s desirability factor exponentially! 


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