3 Good Reasons Why You Need a Realtor To Sell Your Home

3 good reasons you need a realtor

3 Good Reasons Why You Need a Realtor To Sell Your Home


The market here in DFW has been ablaze over the last year, but as anything hot, it cools in time. We are still in a vibrant market, but we are seeing prices and time on the market stabilize after our hot summer season. All the more reason that selling a home requires the touch of a professional. It’s not a job for the faint of heart, believe me!


1 – The chore of marketing your home involves more than sticking a sign in the yard.


The size, price, and location of your home, your neighborhood and it’s vibe and character, PLUS your own personal timeline and requirements are a vital part of building a strategic marketing plan that will bring interested buyers to your door.  But where do you start?  You must place your confidence in a professional real estate agent, one that has obtained your trust and confidence.


2 – Don’t lose money because you have “problems” with your home


Maybe the carpet is wrong, or the colors aren’t suitable for the buyer, the list is long here, but don’t lose money just because you have a weak spot in your house, turn it around to your advantage! Taking that flaw and turning it into a selling point bolsters every other positive within and empowers your home to move up in position on the desirability factor scale.


Owners can be blinded by their emotional attachment to their homes in the same way parents are sometimes oblivious to their children’s flaws. An objective, professional opinion from your Realtor can be eye-opening, and it is absolutely necessary in order to boost your homes’ mass appeal.


3 – Listen to what the market is telling you


Don’t be fooled into fantasy price thinking when it comes to selling your home. What one 5000 square foot home goes for in one neighborhood is NOT what another home of the same size can garner across town. You must listen to what the market is saying in the local comps of where you live.


Once your home is listed, pay attention to what the market is saying to you. How are your showings going? What is the Open House feedback? Do not confuse the luxury of time for permission to overprice your home. It is fine to start with an ambitious (but not ridiculous!) list price. But if the market rejects your home after a certain period of time, we need to talk.


Overall, a real estate professional who is knowledgeable of the area and experienced in negotiating and marketing real estate, will help you navigate through the sometimes tumultuous waters of selling a home.  You will not have to go it alone, and success is much sweeter!


If you are thinking of selling your home, I would love to talk to you personally. Call me at 972-841-3110 and let’s discuss the options!


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